Platform-as-a-Service for
Dynamic Parallel Processing

ThroughPuter - Parallel Computing PaaS

ThroughPuter PaaS is purpose-built for secure, dynamic cloud computing of parallel processing era. ThroughPuter offers unique, realtime application load and type adaptive parallel processing: Get the speed-up from parallel execution cost-efficiently where and when any given program/task benefits most from the parallel processing resources. The unique feature set includes:


As processor clock rates can no longer be economically or even physically increased, intra-application parallel execution is needed for improved program processing throughput performance

  • Dynamic parallelization of program execution based on realtime processing load demands.
  • Purpose-built manycore processing hardware, with ultra-fast response hardware operating system and on-chip networking designed from ground up for dynamic parallel cloud computing.
  • Minimum system overhead due to hardware acceleration of traditional software OS tasks and inter-task communication.
  • Maximized program processing throughput per unit cost.


The promise of cloud computing is all about cost-efficiency, but delivering it requires cohesively addressing the need for performance commitments, security and productivity -- a platform approach

  • Pay for your minimum-required committed processing capacity, and dynamically access the full manycore array parallel processing capacity.
  • Choose a contract option with committed capacity level peaks matching the given program activity profile (e.g. business hours, evening hours, overnight) - pay for peak capacity when the performance boost is monetizable.
  • Common costs of manycore parallel processing development and hosting platform shared among multiple client programs -- each securely isolated from each others, and optimally combined to share capacity pools based on their minimally overlapping committed capacity time profile peaks.
  • Maximized cloud computing cost-efficiency.


User-friendly access to novel manycore hardware architecture benefits through the PaaS model

  • Parallel program development environment and tools of ThroughPuter PaaS automate building high-performance programs.
  • Integrated development environment automatically configures the client programs for interacting with the fast, low-overhead hardware operating system of the manycore processors of ThroughPuter PaaS.
  • PaaS solution integrates the development front-end with the secure, dynamic parallel processing optimized execution environment.
  • End-to-end integrated and automated parallel processing platform as a service = Productivity for parallel processing era.


When cloud security is a built-in to the processing architecture, performance, productivity and cost-efficiency are natural consequences

  • The hardware operating system architecturally disables any unauthorized interactions between the client applications dynamically sharing a given hosting platform as well as between the clients and the host system.
  • Each client application completely resides in its own dedicated memory spaces.
  • Cloud computing security addressed already at the level of architecturally secured access to processing hardware resources -- not left to be dealt with at software layers.
  • Each client program can be securely developed, tested and deployed on the cost-efficient, dynamically shared ThroughPuter PaaS completely independent of each others.
  • Ground-up architectural platform security delivers cost-efficient development productivity and execution performance.

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