Platform-as-a-Service for
Dynamic Parallel Processing

About ThroughPuter

Addressing the parallel processing challenge takes a full programming-to-execution platform approach. Enter ThroughPuter - the development and hosting Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the parallel processing age.

ThroughPuter PaaS is:

  • High-performance: With the ending of the speed-up achievable from raising processor clock rates, program throughput performance improvement requires effective parallellized processing -- and that calls for holistic platform approach.
  • Optimized for concurrent processing: The entire platform, from unique manycore processor hardware architecture to development front-end, is designed for dynamic parallel program execution.
  • Application load adaptive: ThroughPuter PaaS provides realtime client program processing load adaptive, dynamic parallel program processing engines.
  • User-friendly: Platform-as-a-Service model delivers the performance and efficiency of dynamic parallel program execution on secure, multi-client shared manycore processors to application software developers and service providers with high level of integration and automation.
  • Secure: Each client program can be securely developed and run on the PaaS as if it was the sole program running on the manycore processing fabric; the hardware operating system completely isolates from each others the set of different client programs dynamically sharing a given processing platform.
  • Cost-efficient: For all the above reasons, as well as for the contract pricing models incentivizing system-wide optimized resource usage (e.g. contracts with non-overlapping committed capacity peak times are combined to share pools of computing resources, to allow sharing the common platform costs among greater numbers of clients without performance drawbacks; clients get discounts for not demanding their committed share of processing capacity when they do not need that level of parallel execution resources -- together, these incentives lead to maximized level of the parallel processing resources available for demand-driven allocation, to meet demand peaks of the applications that are able to most effectively use the extra resources at any given time).
  • Open: The software of the PaaS as well as the hardware description language model of the processing cores will be open-sourced, and as such customizable, allowing for open development collaboration, as well freedom for users of the PaaS to experiment with and develop their own platform variants and deploy their applications anywhere without restrictions.
  • Addressing an industry and profession wide MAJOR, MUST-SOLVE challenge of mainstream parallel processing: Therefore, open platform approach.
  • In development: Yes, there's work to be done to realize the holistic parallel processing platform. Interested in open-source collaboration opportunities? Please contact us!
  • Looking for entrepreneurial team members: If you'd be interest in joining ThroughPuter's team, please send a note to Mark Sandstrom at -- first without resume -- just with a brief statement as to why and how you'd like to join the effort to address the general-purpose parallel programming and execution challenges through a holistic PaaS approach.  

ThroughPuter, Inc.

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