Platform-as-a-Service for Parallel Processing

Platform Overview

ThroughPuter does not build on pre-cloud and sequential processing era concepts such as standalone processor cores and manycore processors as collections of them, or inter-core/process communications or operating systems retrofitted for parallel cloud computing. Instead, ThroughPuter platform architecture is cross-layer optimized for dynamic, high-performance, high-efficiency, secure cloud computing.

In ThroughPuter architecture, parallel processing hardware is not a mere cluster of manycore processors. And neither is its fabric network mere wires and switches between the cores. Nor is its operating system based on conventional sequential OS models with parallel processing as something of an afterthought.

ThroughPuter is a parallel program development and execution platform-as-a-service designed for dynamic cloud computing. For instance, ThroughPuter execution environment is implemented by actual dynamic, secure cloud processors. In ThroughPuter execution environment, the hardware operating system, the adaptable fabric of cores, the fabric network and memory architecture as well as the contract management subsystems all are part of the integrated platform, and work seamlessly together. Collectively, the dynamic parallel processing platform achieves maximized processing throughput, per unit cost, across all client programs dynamically and securely sharing a pool of processing resources.

For illustration, please review technical overview of ThroughPuter PaaS solution:

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A short paper of ThroughPuter's key innovations enabling scalable high performance cloud computing: Hardware Implemented Runtime System For Dynamically Shared Manycore Processors:

A paper on the economic model for ThroughPuter PaaS contracts:

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